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28 Jan 2014
The 26th Winter Universiade in Trentino held its own in the climate of extravagant multi-sport games and mega-events, despite the short amount of time given to the organising committee to host the event, and a budget of just €15 million ($20.5m).
21 Jan 2014
In 2014, more than $65 billion will be spent on hosting major multi-sport and world championships across the globe, the most ever spent on major sporting events.
17 Dec 2013
Watching their team play in the World Cup is the ultimate dream for the majority of sports fans, and recent announcements of the ticket strategy and pricing for the next soccer, rugby and cricket World Cups have consequently received much media coverage.
10 Dec 2013
The Turkmenistan government is investing over $5 billion in the development of a new Olympic Complex in the country's capital Ashgabat, the brainchild of Gurbanguly Burdimuhamedov, the president of Turkmenistan. The investment is a strong statement of intent by the Turkmenistan government that sport is high on its agenda and that the city and country will be strong contenders to host major sports events in the future.
04 Dec 2013
London has retained its place as the Global Sports City for 2013, while Moscow has overtaken Rio de Janeiro to take second place in the second edition of Sportcal’s annual Cities Index, part of the Global Sports Impact project which has analysed nearly 700 major sporting events between 2008 and 2019.
26 Nov 2013
After 64 years of watching Pan-American and Asian athletes compete for continental superiority, Europe will, in June 2015, organise its first multi-sport games.
19 Nov 2013
China has retained number one position in Sportcal's Global Sports Nations Index for 2013 while Russia has moved into second position and the United Kingdom into third, both overtaking Canada in the process.
12 Nov 2013
This weekend's decision by FISU, the international university sports federation to award the 2019 Summer Universiade to Brasilia in South America marks a departure from a recent pattern of Universiades being held in central/eastern Europe or Asia.
04 Nov 2013
More than 66,000 participants, 180,000 spectators and an economic impact of £12.4 million ($19.9 million): the figures associated with the inaugural 2013 RideLondon, a weekend of mass participation cycling events in and around the UK capital, make for impressive reading.
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