Sponsorship Sector Report | Airlines 2017
The Airline industry generated revenues of over $700bn in 2016, and with the global nature of sports more evident than ever, the sector seems to have a natural affiliation with the sports industry.

After a turbulent decade for the sector, many airlines have now returned to making substantial
profits, providing the ability to make investments to help the growth of their businesses.

However, the threat of low cost airlines has changed the landscape within the sector, with
traditional big players experiencing squeezed profit margins.

With many rights holders diversifying their portfolios to include category specific partners,
brands in the airline sector are well placed to capitalise and partner with properties that
will help them to reach new customers in new territories.

With over $800m spent on sponsorship deals between airlines and rights holders, Sportcal
Sponsorship has examined the Airlines sector, focusing on 25 key brands responsible for over
$22bn worth of revenue with a view to understanding the major trends, as they relate to
partnerships with sporting rights holders, as well as looking at potential future developments
– all based on data from the Sportcal Sponsorship platform.

1. Industry Overview

2. Industry Factsheet
  • Net Post Tax Profit* ($ per passenger)
  • Sponsorship Spend By Continent ($m)

3. Executive Summary

4. Who are the big players?
  • Total Number of Deals per Airline (%)

5. Where in the world 
  • Deals by Continent (%)
  • Single Territory v Worldwide/Continental (%)
  • Home Market v Overseas Markets (%)

6. State sponsorship - pursuit of soft power 
  • Who’s Sponsoring Where? (%)

7. Nations and Continents: US sewn up, Australia and the UK 
markets awash with overseas investment 
  • Home v Overseas Deals per Continent (%)
  • Top Five Markets: Home v Away (%)

8. The best of the rest: Competition and National sponsorship 
fuels markets but BA ducks out
  • Top Five Markets: Home v Away (%)

9. What sports
  • Deals per Sport (%)

10. What properties 
  • Sponsored Properties (%)
11. Long-term partnerships signed to build trust
  • Longest-standing Partnerships

12. Six future trends

13. Brand Profiles 
  • Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Air Asia, Air Canada, Air China, Air France KLM
  • Air New Zealand, American Airlines, All Nippon Airways (ANA), 
  • British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates, Etihad, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, 
  • Lufthansa, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, 
  • Turkish Airlines, United, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia

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