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Basketball - 09 Jul 2001
The General Assembly of the Standing Conference of FIBA-Europe met in Munich today for an extraordinary session for elections for the President and members of the European Board. Other issues were the future of the European Club Competitions. All 50 affiliated national federations of Europe were present at the meeting.
Basketball - 06 Jul 2001
The National Basketball League today announced the appointment of former Adelaide 36ers’ captain and 1980 Olympian Peter Ali as Chief Executive Officer.
Basketball - 19 Jun 2001
Get your good luck charms ready, because the Euroleague draw for the 2001-02 regular season now has a day, a date and a place: Tuesday, July 10 in Venice, Italy.
Basketball - 29 May 2001
Following the agreement adopted by the Standing Conference of FIBA that met this weekend in Germany, the ULEB states its position in the following terms:
Basketball - 29 May 2001
The General Assembly of the Standing Conference of Europe, representing the 50 European national federations, met for its 46th session today in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. 49 of the 50 European national federations were present at the meeting.
Basketball - 17 Apr 2001
The National Basketball Association (NBA) is once again enhancing the viewing experience through the use of new technology. Beginning this week, NBA games will be available on Sportslive, a closed loop broadband service in South Korea. As a result of the recently signed agreement, NBA games and programming can be seen in real time and on demand.
Basketball - 05 Apr 2001
The International Basketball Federation FIBA and the Union of European Basketball Leagues ULEB signed an agreement today which regulates the details of the re-unification of the two European top club competitions SuproLeague and Euroleague as of the 2001/2002 season. The agreement still has to be ratified by the General Assembly of the Standing Conference which meets on 25th – 27th May 2001.
Basketball - 30 Mar 2001
The Board of the Standing Conference of Europe met today 30th March 2001 in Munich, Federal Republic of Germany. At a majority, the Board has voted in favour of the agreement, which regulates the details of the re-unification of the two European top club competitions SuproLeague and Euroleague as of the 2001/2002 season.
Basketball - 08 Mar 2001
Following advice received yesterday from both the Sports Council and the Department of Agriculture, Irish Basketball’s National Competitions Committee (NCC) have decided to abandon the 2000/2001 ESB League season due to the continuing Foot & Mouth crisis.
Basketball - 07 Mar 2001
The second meeting between representatives of FIBA and the ULEB was held at Euroleague headquarters in Barcelona today for the purpose of designing a procedure that would permit the unification of Europe's two main club basketball competitions.
Basketball - 21 Feb 2001
After a slow start, it seems that spectators are coming back in bigger numbers to the SuproLeague. With 14 game weeks and 140 games played, almost 500,000 fans have filled SuproLeague arenas. The average number of spectators per game has increased to 3,500, which means that the arenas have been filled to 60% of their capacities.
Basketball - 15 Feb 2001
The representatives of FIBA, Messrs. Baumann, Porelli and Bayle-Lespitau met today at FIBA's headquarters in Munich, Germany with the representatives of ULEB (Union of European Basketball Leagues) Messrs. Bertomeu, Alemany, Gherardini and Karatzas to start discussions to overcome the current split in European basketball and they identified important areas of agreement.
Basketball - 30 Jan 2001
After receiving in official form the decision that was taken by FIBA´s Standing Conference of Europe over the weekend, Jordi Bertomeu, the executive director of the Euroleague, has said the following:
Basketball - 29 Jan 2001
The General Assembly of the Standing Conference met today for an extraordinary session in Munich, Germany. The following declaration was issued:
Basketball - 22 Dec 2000
English Basketball to Investigate Rival European Leagues
Basketball - 18 Dec 2000
ESPN Extends Women's Basketball TV Deal
Basketball - 09 Oct 2000
England Basketball in Merchandising Agreement with NBA
Basketball - 02 Oct 2000
NTL to Sponsor England Basketball's National Cup
Basketball - 26 Sep 2000
NBA Announces Multi-Year Sponsorship Deal
Basketball - 14 Sep 2000
Intel and NBA to Develop Interactive Content
Basketball - 01 Sep 2000
NBA in New Latin-American Broadcasting Deal
Basketball - 22 Aug 2000
Profits down for English Basketball
Basketball - 04 Aug 2000
England's National League Fixtures Announced
Basketball - 01 Aug 2000
Second English Basketball Director Resigns
Basketball - 14 Jul 2000
English Basketball Association Slams Towers
Basketball - 27 Jun 2000
EBBA Question BBC over the cost of Soccer TV Rights<br><br>
Basketball - 26 May 2000
WNBA To Be Broadcast In 158 Countries In 23 Different Languages During 2000 Season<br> <br>
Basketball - 24 Jan 2000
Basketball - 17 Nov 1999
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