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22 Apr 2015
Media rights distribution of the 2015 Pan American Games, set to open in Toronto on July 10th, has been “disappointing” so far, according to a senior Canadian broadcasting executive.
02 Apr 2015
The fight against illegal streaming of live sports content received a welcome boost last week when a High Court in Paris ordered, the notorious Spanish website, to take down all links to unauthorised streams of French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches.
05 Mar 2015
With the growth of pay-TV services, steps have been taken to ensure the moments of national importance can be seen by a large audience, with a number of countries drawing up a list of events that have to be shown on free-to-air television. In this Insight, we will look at the issues of potential pay-TV revenue for sports events measured against the exposure of free-to-air television and the changing of listed events due to sporting success, along with differences in soccer’s inclusion on lists.
05 Mar 2015
The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is in full swing in Australia and New Zealand, with international cricket’s flagship tournament gaining some large TV audiences to go with impressive attendances at high-profile group matches.
05 Feb 2015
The biggest sports events in the US - the Super Bowl, the NBA finals, Major League Baseball’s World Series, the college football and basketball playoffs - have always been what is known as “appointment TV” - where fans gather in their millions to watch live coverage on network television.
05 Feb 2015
Ice hockey - or just hockey, as it's called in Canada - is a national obsession among Canadian sports fans and is a field of a fierce battle between broadcasters fighting it out for rights that will deliver blockbuster audiences. The 2015 IIHF World Juniors, a tournament for U20 national teams, was a ratings winner in many ways for TSN, the sports broadcaster, as it posted the highest-ever audience for any type of programming in Canadian television history.
22 Jan 2015
StarTimes head of sport Gary Rathbone speaks exclusively to Sportcal about the competitive African pay-TV market, sports rights and building the Bundesliga
20 Nov 2014
Much has been written of the success of the Uefa Champions League model, its highly effective branding, the presence of the best clubs and best players in the world and the massive global television audiences - even in far-flung countries with no apparent links or bond to the clubs or players on the pitch.
07 Oct 2014
Latin America is a vast area made up of the 10 Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries forming the South American continent, the six states in the Central American isthmus and Mexico to the north, and is home to nearly 600 million people. In terms of rights sold on a pan-regional basis, Latin America is split between Portuguese-speaking Brazil and the remaining countries, where Spanish is spoken, and which often include the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
11 Sep 2014
Italy’s Serie A soccer league has been the second-richest league in terms of the media rights revenues it earns from domestic and international sales for several years now; it passed the coveted €1 billion-per-year milestone in 2012, at the beginning of the present three-year cycle, and looks set to bring in close to €1.2 billion per year from 2015-16, following the recent auction held by the league and its agency partner, Infront Italy.
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