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16 Jun 2020
Major League Soccer is the premier soccer competition in the United States and Canada. Since its opening season in 1996, the league has evolved as a popular sporting competition in North America.
04 Jun 2020
Professional Fighters League chairman and co-founder Donn Davis tells Simon Ward about standing out in the MMA world, the postponement of the 2020 season and planned innovations when it returns.
21 May 2020
Understanding the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on 10 Olympic sports federations.
20 May 2020
The wholesale cancellation of live sport worldwide as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has left gaping holes in the schedules of some of the world's major sports broadcasters. In this report, Sportcal analysts Peter Scrimgeour and Patrick Kinch discuss the challenges broadcasters and rights holders face and the implications of COVID-19 halting all major sport.
07 May 2020
Founder and chief executive Henry Birtles, and managing director Frank Sale, talk to Euan Cunningham about the rise of HBA Media, amalgamating the presentation of top horse races and improving media coverage of this most traditional of sports.
05 May 2020
Sportcal analyst Will Candy details why Nike and adidas will hold their sponsorship budgets despite COVID-19's impact on sales, alongside other pressing matters in the apparel sponsorship market.
02 Apr 2020
Euan Cunningham analyses the rise to prominence of private equity money in the sports investment landscape.
01 Apr 2020
Sportcal Analyst Jake Kemp takes a look at the impact Covid-19 has had on Euro 2020, scheduled to begin in Rome in June but now postponed until 2021.
01 Apr 2020
Sportcal takes a close look at the potential economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on some of the biggest sporting properties.
05 Mar 2020
Senior Analyst Peter Scrimgeour takes a detailed look at the free-to-air TV market in the USA. This a sample of the full Media Landscape for USA available to subscribers.
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